Inviting to Project

Mailtrap gives you three options for sharing your data with team mates. You can: invite them directly to an inbox, to a project, or to an account via User Management page. No worries, you can choose any option, as a person added to either of these places is visible in the others. For instance, if you add a person to the project directly, you’ll see them in the User Management table as well.

To start adding team mates to a project, choose Inboxes in the menu on the left, then click three vertical dots next to the project name, and select Project Access Rights option. 

You must have project admin, account admin or account owner permission level to add people to a project. See how to check your permission level in the User Management.
Start typing the email address of your team mate. If they already belong to an account, they will appear on the drop-down list. Select a user and their project permission level (project admin or project viewer) and click “Add Team Member”. They will get access to a project immediately.
If your team mate hasn’t previously been invited to any account and/or doesn’t have a Mailtrap user registered, they will not appear on the drop-down list. Finish typing their full email address, choose their project permission level (project admin or project viewer) and click “Add Team Member”. They will receive an email invitation and will need to follow the instructions. You can resend the invite from the three dots menu in the Team Members table.
You can manage the permissions of the invited user by clicking “Edit permissions” under the three dots menu. It works both for users who already joined the account and those who have been invited but are yet to accept.
You can also share an invitation link with your team mates. Select the project permission level (project admin or project viewer) near to the link, copy it then share with your team mate(s). The link is reusable and several people can join your project by clicking the same link.
If you accidentally shared a link with someone who wasn’t meant to access your project, you can regenerate it and the old one will be invalidated.
It doesn’t matter if a person you share a link with is already a registered Mailtrap user. Mailtrap will suggest a proper flow for all user types. For example, new users will be asked to sign up first, and the users not yet in your account will have to confirm their willingness to join it.
Project admins can rename and delete the project, fully manage all inboxes in it and add or remove team mates.
Project viewers can see all the inboxes, but can’t edit anything (e.g. inbox email address or forwarding settings). They also can’t add or remove team mates.
The Team Members table shows the list of people who currently have access or have been invited to a project.
If you have been invited to a project but can’t find it in the projects list, make sure that the right account is selected in the top-right drop-down menu.

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