Email address per inbox

Starting from the Business plan, you get a customizable email address for testing. Send emails to Mailtrap inboxes from your ESP, Gmail, Apple mail, etc., and imitate sending to multiple recipients.

What is the email address per inbox feature?

This feature offers an email address for testing, which you can customize. It supports dynamic aliases and provides you with an unlimited number of virtual email addresses. As soon as it is linked to your Mailtrap inbox, you can manage, view, and share your test results via the Mailtrap UI.

Starting from the Business billing plan, each of your inboxes includes a dedicated email address you can use to send messages. You will find it in the Email Address tab. You can use your current email setup without needing to integrate Mailtrap as a test server and, in this way, run safe experiments in your production environment.

The email address is enabled for you by default. To, disable, edit and reset the email address for this inbox, go to the three-dots(more)menu.

As you can see from the screenshot, the inbox address consists of two parts: 

  • customizable alias, which you can edit manually. You can use any combination of numbers and Latin symbols - for example, your company name or the name of the current inbox with an identifying number. 
  • Mailtrap’s technical hash, which can’t be changed. It consists of 6 symbols and acts as our internal inbox identifier. 

This way, you get an infinite number of combinations and can imitate sending emails to a large number of users (with unique email addresses).

The inbox name changes are applied instantly, meaning that you don’t have to pause your email testing and wait until a new alias becomes valid.

Also, note that Mailtrap verifies inbox aliases so that if you try to send a message to a custom inbox address that doesn’t exist, you will receive a  554 5.5.1 Error: no inbox for this email.message.

In addition, Mailtrap inboxes support dynamic aliased addresses. For example, and will be equally accepted and delivered to the same inbox. 

As a result of testing, all your experiments will be perfectly sorted and delivered to the corresponding Mailtrap virtual inboxes. You will be able to review all of the messages and verify their content. This is crucial when you use personalization (especially in a subject line) and dynamic elements or localization. 

Another important point is that sending emails to Mailtrap inboxes from your production server doesn’t affect your domain’s reputation for the main email providers like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. Otherwise, if you send emails to fake or unused email addresses, it has a negative influence on your deliverability rates. 

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