Get Started - Mailtrap Email Sending

Use Mailtrap API or SMTP services to send emails to recipients’ inboxes on production.

Good to know

  • Sending SMTP is real, but Testing SMTP is fake. They have different hosts and credentials so you don’t mix them up. Please check this setup tutorial, if you want to set up Mailtrap Email Testing.
  • To send emails, you need to own a domain and add it to Mailtrap. That’s not required for testing.
  • Your domain might require a security check after DNS verification. If asked - please provide details and our team will check it as soon as possible.

Email Sending 

1. Add and verify your domain 

Hit the link to add your domain. 

Type your domain name and confirm with the Add Your Domain button. Then, proceed to copy DNS records Mailtrap provides to your domain’s DNS. 

Check our Domain Setup Guide if you need an example of how to do it.

Important Note: 

Some records may take up to 72 hours to take effect and the length of time depends on many factors, including how your domain provider operates. Unfortunately, this isn’t a parameter we can affect. If Mailtrap doesn’t see your DNS records within a few hours, it’s better to contact your domain provider and/or our support

2. Set Mailtrap as SMTP server for production or use our Email API 


In the API and SMTP tab, do the following:

  1. Choose the SMTP tab

   2. Copy the given credentials 

   3. Paste them to your app configuration 

   4. Send emails via your app

Note: You can always find your SMTP credentials inside the Sending Domains menu, just choose the domain you want to use. 

Email API

In the API and SMTP tab, do the following:

  1. Choose API, then select a code snippet from the list of integrations. You can find detailed API docs here. We also have packages for Ruby on Rails and NodeJS.

    2. Integrate API into your app.

   3. Run the example cURL and check the email under Logs in a minute. 

What else you can do with Mailtrap Email Sending

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