Get Started - Mailtrap Email Testing

Use Mailtrap Email Testing for secure email tests in a sandbox environment. You can: 

  1. Catch testing emails from staging. 
  2. Preview and analyze content for spam. 
  3. Validate HTML/CSS before sending emails.  

Good to know

  • Testing SMTP is fake. Your emails won’t reach your user as you use our Sandbox SMTP.
  • You don’t need to own or verify a domain to test emails.
  • If you want to reach your user inboxes check Email Sending tutorial. In this case you need to own a domain.  

Mailtrap Email Testing Overview

Mailtrap Email Testing - Setup Tutorial 

  1. Set Mailtrap as an SMTP server for your application

Go to your first Inbox by clicking Email Testing, Inboxes, then My Inbox.  

Tip: By default, we created an inbox for you and called it "My Inbox". The Edit button on the far right allows you to rename either a project or an inbox.

Once inside “My Inbox”, click “Show credentials” and copy them to your clipboard.

Paste the SMTP credentials to your app code and see configuration examples for different environments and programming languages.

  1. Send your first test email

After sending the first test email, you can immediately find it in your Mailtrap inbox. 

Click on the email, and proceed to inspect and debug it by selecting the HTML Check tab. 

Lastly, you can automate the QA flow with Mailtrap Email Testing API if you need it.

Bonus: Invite your colleagues

Mailtrap is a collaborative tool. Starting from the Team Plan, you can create different inboxes and projects and share them with your colleagues. 

That allows you to organize all testing-related workflows among different people - from user management with different permissions to SSO.

What else you can do with Email Testing

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