Manual email forwarding

You can forward emails from your Mailtrap Email Testing inbox to real email addresses. This allows you to: 

  • View emails in real inboxes, different email clients, or even other apps
  • Notify your colleagues or clients about the email testing progress
  • Use Mailtrap as a proxy between your application and your email client and never miss a thing from your QA environment 

Email forwarding is available starting from the Individual plan.

Manual forwarding setup

To forward emails manually,  go to the Manual Forward tab in your Mailtrap inbox and add the email address for forwarding. 

The email confirmation will be sent to this email address for verification. Once the address is confirmed by its owner, you can forward emails to it.

Return to the inbox, open the message you want to forward and click the forwarding icon in the top-right of the screen.

In the Manual Forward tab, you will also find the list of email addresses for forwarding and their statuses:

  • active means that its owner has confirmed that they agree to receive emails, and you can use this address for forwarding.
  • pending means that the owner hasn't confirmed that they agree to receive emails from Mailtrap.

Click the three-dot menu icon next to the email address to resend confirmation, or to remove this email address. 

"From" header in forwarded emails

All forwarded email messages use in the “from” header, e.g., when you forward an email from Mailtrap you’ll see something like this in your inbox:

From: Mailtrap Forward <

It helps to use forwarding for users with a strict DMARC policy on their domains. Since DMARC doesn’t allow sending emails from your domain without permissions, Mailtrap rewrites the “from” header. Thus, if Mailtrap forwarded your email preserving the original sender, the recipient would reject such a message. 

But because the original sender is valuable information, especially in automated testing, we still preserve it in  x-mailtrap-original-from header of the forwarded emails. 
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