Account Management

Once you register with Mailtrap, we automatically create an account and a user for you.
Think of an account as your workspace or an organisation. Starting from the Team plan, you can invite your team mates to your account. If they don’t have a Mailtrap account, we automatically create one for them (their own workspace) and grant them access to your account. If they are existing Mailtrap users, we just grant them access to your account. Learn more about invites here.
Users belong to accounts (organisations). Each user is defined by their email address and may belong to multiple accounts. You use the same credentials to access all your Mailtrap accounts. 

Manage Account

You can manage your account from the Account Settings menu.

By default your account name is either your email address or your name, if the latter was provided by OAuth. You can rename it to reflect better the purpose of the account, e.g. use you company name, client name,  project name, etc.
You can see the list of accounts that you belong to in the top-right drop-down menu and in the My Profile section.

Transfer Ownership

You can transfer the ownership of the accounts you own.

Before you proceed, make sure that a person you’re transferring the ownership to is already added as a team mate (their access level doesn’t matter). Select them from the drop-down menu and enter your password to confirm the transfer.
Once the ownership is transferred, you’ll stay in the account as an account admin. Both you and the new owner will have the same permissions, with an exception of an ability to transfer or delete an account - only the new owner will be able to do that. Also from now on, team mates will be able to change your permissions.
Please contact if the account owner left the company and you need to assign a new owner.

Delete Account

As the account owner, you can delete an account.

Choose this option if you want to completely delete your account and all its data. This action is irreversible. All your projects, inboxes and team mates accesses will be deleted. If you may need this data in the future, consider instead downgrading to the Free plan instead to terminate your subscription.
If you belong to or own multiple accounts, others will not be affected by this deletion.

Create Account

When you delete an account, your Mailtrap user is not deleted and you can create a new account. This is the only available thing to do when you don’t own or don’t belong to any account.
If you want to delete your Mailtrap user, go to my My Profile section. Check your rights to be forgotten.

Leave Account

You can also leave accounts that you belong to but don’t own them. All the account data stays intact, but you lose the access to it. Use this option if you no longer work with an organisation or a team and don’t want to access their data anymore.

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