Features and limits

Features and limits explained: total test emails per month; sending rate limit; inboxes&projects, team members; max emails per inbox; API; inbox email address; email size; headers; forwarded emails.

All Mailtrap features and possible limits explained in this article. 

Total test emails per month

The maximum number of emails you can test with Mailtrap and receive in all your Mailtrap Inboxes per month. The exact number depends on your billing plan.

If you reach the monthly limit, you'll get an SMTP protocol error: " 535 5.7.0 Monthly messages limit reached". We also send out notifications for having used 80%, 90%, and 100% of the monthly limit.

To continue testing when you exceed the sending limit, please upgrade your subscription plan. Alternatively, you can wait until the next billing period starts, when the limit is reset.

Sending rate limits per 10 sec

The number of emails you can send to each of your Inboxes every 10 seconds. The exact number depends on your billing plan.

Once the rate limit per 10 seconds is reached, the messages are not getting sent and are rejected with the error  "550 5.7.0 Requested action not taken: too many emails per second".


Inboxes are separate folders where your test messages from different environments (Dev, QA, staging) are captured. Every Inbox is created inside a Project - a folder which can be shared with other Mailtrap users, according to the Team Members options (available in the Team plan and more advanced billing plans)


The groups that help you arrange your Mailtrap Inboxes and distinguish different tasks you are working on simultaneously. You can share your projects with other team members (available in the Team and more advanced billing plans).

Team members

Mailtrap users who you can interact with by inviting them to your account and sharing projects, inboxes, or the billing section. This feature is available in the Team plan and more advanced billing plans. Click here to learn more about the User Management feature. 

Max emails per inbox

The total number of emails you can store in each of your Mailtrap inboxes at once. The exact number depends on your billing plan.
When the limit is reached, Mailtrap uses the FIFO model for automatic inbox cleanup (oldest messages first). 

Email Testing API

Email Testing API allows developers to run integration or load tests, as well as receive messages or email lists via API to make sure the sending works correctly. To learn how to use Email Testing API, refer to the Email Testing API documentation

Email address per inbox

The dedicated email address for each of your Inboxes that you can use to send messages from other email accounts or right from your application during the testing process. It is available in the Business plan and more advanced billing plans. 

Email size, MB

The maximum allowed size of each email message including attachments, in megabytes (10MB = 10240 KB). Currently, the maximum size is the same on all billing plans, free included. 

Bcc and SMTP info

Bcc'ed email addresses tracked and displayed in a separate field. Also, you can check the details of MAIL and RCPT TO commands of your sent messages in the Tech Info tab. This feature is available in the Team plan and more advanced billing plans.

Total forwarded emails per month

The maximum number of emails you can forward from your Mailtrap account to real inboxes for testing and preview purposes. Note that the email address or domain owner must verify that they agree to receive messages from this Mailtrap account first. The maximum number of forwarding rules is 300. Email forwarding is available in the Individual plan and more advanced billing plans. 
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