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All incoming emails in Mailtrap are organized into inboxes that are grouped into projects. Find out how to share them with your team and what you can do with the projects shared with you by others.

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How to organize your emails with projects

All incoming emails in Mailtrap are organized into inboxes - the folders that are grouped into projects. Usually, projects are used to separate companies, environments, or (surprisingly) projects.  

How to share your projects

Sharing options are available starting from the Team plan. The sharing feature is called “User Management” and it has a "Team Members" section for your Projects and Inboxes. Each subscription plan has a number of unique email addresses (aka users) that can be invited to your account. 

But you can be invited to any inbox or project as a user, regardless of the subscription plan you currently use

You can share any of the projects in your account. Users that receive access to your project also receive access to all of its inboxes and can manage or view their content. To learn how to share a specific inbox, check the Sharing inboxes article. 

To share a project including all of its inboxes, you have three options - use the three vertical dots next to My Project under Inboxes. Also, you can share a link from Project Team Members, or utilize the User Management feature. 

  1. More Menu - Click on the three vertical dots and select “Access Rights”. To add a new team member, enter their email address into the corresponding box. Choose the permission level (Project Admin or Project Viewer), and click Add. 
  2. Share Link - Under “Invite Team Members”, select the permission level, click Copy, then send the link to the user you want to invite. 
  3. User Management - Click the Add Member button, enter the user’s email address, and select different “Permissions” by checking boxes next to the project or projects you’d like to share. Note that you can share both inboxes and projects from this menu, just select the right permission level (Admin or Viewer).

It doesn’t matter which option you choose. New users will be visible in the Inbox Team Members, Project Team Members tab and in the User Management list. But to share a project, you need to be one of the following: 

  • Project or account admin
  • Account owner

Important Notes

The User Management section is visible to Account Admins and the Account owner.

In the “Project Team Members” window, you see all people who have access to this project, whether they were invited directly to the project or they have access to it. For example, the users could be account admins and thus have access to all projects.

If you select the “Team Members” tab of an inbox, you see all people who have access to this inbox. That goes for those invited directly to the inbox and users who have access to the inbox. Again, they could be project admins and thus have access to all project inboxes.

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