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All incoming emails in Mailtrap are organized into inboxes that are grouped into projects. Find out how to share them with your team and what you can do with the projects shared with you by others.

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How to organize your emails with projects

All incoming emails in Mailtrap are organized into inboxes - the folders that are grouped into projects. Usually, projects are used to separate companies, environments, or (surprisingly) projects.  

How to share your projects

Sharing options are available starting from the Team plan. The sharing feature is called "Team members". In each appropriate subscription plan, there is a number of unique email addresses (aka users) that can be invited to inboxes and/or projects. 

You can share any of the projects you own. Users that receive access to your project also receive access to all of its inboxes, and can manage their content. To learn how to share a specific inbox, check the Sharing inboxes article. 

To share the whole project, including all of its inboxes, you have two options. Go to the project settings (click the three-dots menu next to its name), or go to the Team Members tab in any inbox in this project, and click the Project Team Members link.

  • Send the invitation by email. Enter your team member’s email address, and we will immediately send the email invitation. You can send the invitation to any email address, even if it is not registered in Mailtrap. As soon as this email address owner clicks the Join Project button in the email invitation, they will be redirected to the Mailtrap signup page. Creating a free account takes just a couple of minutes, and once it is set up, this team member will find your project on the Mailtrap app home page. 
  • You can invite team members to your project by sending a shareable link. In the same tab, you will see the list of this Project’s members and their status: pending (not accepted your invitation), owner, or user. 

As a project owner, you will see the list of this inbox’s team members, their status, and the options to add or delete users here as well.

Projects someone shared with you

You can be invited to a project as a user regardless of the subscription plan you currently use. Users can view the content of the project and its inboxes, but only owners may invite or delete members. You will find projects shared with you on the app's home page. 

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