Account management

In the Profile tab, you can manage your tokens and oAuth providers, change your account name and/or password, and set the time zone. You can also delete your account, but we hope you won’t do this:)

To manage your account, click your account name in the top-right corner, then click Profile in the drop-down menu. There you will be able to copy or reset tokens, view, and edit OAuth providers linked to your account, change your account name, and/or password, and set the time zone. 

You can associate a different email address with your account manually, in case you need a complete transfer of your Mailtrap account to another user. 

Changing the Project owner

To change the owner of your Mailtrap Project, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the new owner is already registered in Mailtrap and is listed as a user of the Project you are transferring the ownership for. To check your project users, go to Inboxes, click the three-dot menu next to the Project name, and click the Team Members icon.

  2. Please note that we do not move billing subscriptions or information between accounts, for security reasons. What we can migrate between Mailtrap users is the ownership of a Mailtrap project(s). So, if you are currently on a paid plan and want to move ownership to another user who is on an unpaid subscription, you should consider upgrading the new owner's account first. This way the project keeps all its paid features (multiple inboxes, proper limits, etc.)
  3. Send us a message to indicating your project name and the new owner's email address.

Account deletion 

To delete your Mailtrap account, go to the Settings page of your Profile section, click the Delete account button and follow the instructions.  Please use the same email address registered in Mailtrap for the account you want to delete.

If you still have problems, send us an email with your request at, and provide your API token. 

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