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Mailtrap offers two types of deliverability alerts - Health Status Weekly and Critical Alerts. These are available to all Mailtrap users who send more than 500 emails a week. 

Note that 500 emails a week is a requirement to get the alerts because we need a certain amount of data to provide you with the stats. 

Also, you can toggle off the alerts. However, we recommend not to do it because a missed issue may affect your domain authority and sender reputation.

Health Status Weekly

Health Status Weekly alerts are sent out on Mondays and you get a detailed preview of the following stats:

  • Opened
  • Clicks 
  • Bounces 
  • Unsubscribes 
  • Spam 

That includes clearly color-coded comparisons to the previous week. So, it’s immediately obvious if one or more of the stats need your attention, or show a negative trend. Also, there are insights (digest explanations of the stats) to help you troubleshoot your email infrastructure faster.

Critical Alerts

Critical Alerts are sent hourly (our system checks your metrics every three hours for the past 24 hours) when one or more of your critical stats are below the predetermined threshold. 

We based the predetermined thresholds on extensive cross-industry research and examples of best practices. Read more about the threshold limits in our article on Statistics

Note: If you’re getting a lot of false positives or negatives now, feel free to reach out to us at

Integrate Mailtrap Alerts with Slack

Each Slack channel has a unique email address. You can leverage that to route Mailtrap Alerts directly to Slack. Here’s how to do it on the desktop app: 

  1. Click channel name in the header and select “Integrations”.

   2. Click “Send emails to this channel”, then the “Get email address” button. 

  3. Navigate to the Deliverability Alerts page, and paste the Slack email address into the field under the “Who receives notifications?”box.  

  4. Click “Save” and all alerts will be routed to the slack channel instead of your email. 

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