Sending Limits

Hourly Limits

When you first sign up for Mailtrap Email Sending and verify a domain, we limit your throughput to 200 emails an hour. This is a security measure to prevent abusing our system for spam. 

The good news is that the limit gets lifted when you submit a request and our team reviews your domain. It typically takes two business days. If you need a higher rate limit, please submit a request, and our tech support team may enable it for you. 

For now, should you exceed the limit of 200 emails per hour, we’ll send the excess emails in the next hour if there’s room for that. But this is only a temporary solution. 

The hourly limit can be adjusted only for Paid plans.

In the near future, our system will reject excess emails when you reach the limit. Therefore, it’s best to submit a request and talk to our experts about extending the limit. 

Daily Limits

The free plan has a daily limit of 200 emails. Emails sent over this limit will be rejected and won't be sent. If you need to send more than 200 emails a day, it's better to upgrade to a paid plan.

Connection Limits

The maximum number of concurrent SMTP connections per account is 10.

If you exceed this limit, you'll get the following error:

535 5.7.8 Too many connections per account

The maximum number of concurrent SMTP connections per IP is 10.

The maximum number of messages per 1 SMTP connection is 100.

If those limits are not enough, please let us know by contacting our Support Team.

Email Size

The maximum allowed size of each email message, including attachments, is 10 MB in all plans, including free.

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